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Boomerang Cars & bikes rent


Looking to rent a car?

Experience the freedom of exploring Phuket with our reliable and affordable car/bike rental services.

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Boomerang is the best car rental in Phuket. Our company’s catalog includes a large number of cars, so you are sure to find the right brand and model. We care about the customer’s comfort, so we not only guarantee the reliability of our cars, but also offer additional services.

Contact luxury car rental in Phuket Boomerang and explore the resort and the whole of Thailand with us. We have set favorable prices for our services so that you will not be distracted from your journey and will be completely immersed in Thai culture and nature

Manage Rentals

Catalog: Use the Boomerang vehicle-listings to quickly book a car rental in Phuket. You will always be aware of which cars are available for rent.

Fuel Plans: We provide the car with a full tank. When returning it, you can either fill the tank with fuel of the appropriate brand and type, or pay the cost of the missing volume.

Long Car Rental: In Boomerang you can arrange car rental in Phuket for one day, for a month or for a longer period of time.

Meetings and Groups: Boomerang managers will help you choose a car suitable for large companies. You can organize group tourism with our help.

Transparent experience

We take pride in offering you a hassle-free and transparent experience, ensuring your utmost satisfaction. With us, you’ll enjoy a range of exclusive benefits designed to cater to your needs.

Comfortable shipping

Enjoy the convenience of shipping, as we swiftly deliver vehicles with a full tank to your preferred location.

Safe deal policy

Our safe deal policy ensures a fully refundable security deposit in the absence of any damage. Travel with peace of mind, as each car is equipped with first-business-class insurance, protecting you in unforeseen situations.

Commitment to transparency

Our commitment to transparency extends to providing photo and video confirmation of the car’s condition, so you can rent with confidence.


Clean ride

Additionally, our well-maintained car park guarantees a fresh and clean ride, with strict adherence to a non-smoking policy in car interiors. And that’s not all, we offer a baby chair option for longer rentals for only 100THB/day or free.

Secure car rental

Discover the joy of seamless and secure car rental services with us today!

Best Car Rental Service in Phuket

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Our Vehicles Listing

Ford Everest Dark Gray 2023
  • 2022
  • 7
  • grey
1700 /month
BYD Atto 3 White 2023
  • 2023
  • 5
  • white
1070 /month
Toyota Yaris Ativ
  • 2023
  • 93
  • White
700 /month
  • 2024
  • Brown
6500 /month
  • 2020
  • Red
1230 /month
Toyota Vios
  • 2015
  • 5
  • silver
470 /month

Customer Reviews

We rented an almost new Toyota Veloz for 10 days. We saw Phuket, Krabi, and visited all the beaches. Lots of fun! I highly appreciate the company’s work in the situation of road accidents. A truck rolled onto the car, thanks to commercial insurance from the company, all issues were resolved competently and promptly. I recommend!

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Do you need a car in Phuket? Contact Boomerang. Our company will provide you with a high-quality car rental service in Thailand. We have created a large catalog of cars.

Booking a car rental in Phuket in Boomerang is very easy. Please, contact us, select your desired rental date and time, and we will reserve the car for you. We offer different payment methods, which is convenient for tourists in Phuket.

Our car rental in Phuket offers various car rental models such as sedans, crossovers and SUVs. You can choose a car depending on your preferences and needs.

We offer car rental in Phuket at affordable prices. You don’t need to waste precious time looking for a vehicle in Thailand. Just contact us and we will provide you help in renting a car in Phuket.

Our Phuket car rental guarantees high quality vehicles and excellent service. All of our vehicles are thoroughly inspected before being rented to ensure your safety and comfort.

Boomerang also offers car rental with drivers. You can order the services of a professional who will take care of the comfort and safety of your trips. This will allow you to save energy and fully enjoy your trip to Thailand.

If you need a reliable car rental in Phuket, contact Boomerang. We are glad to offer you quality cars for rent at reasonable prices. You can fully enjoy your trip around the island of Phuket and discover all its unique sights, history and culture!


To rent a car in Phuket at Boomerang, select a car, contact our manager, send a photo of your passport or driver’s license and make an advance payment of 20% of the rental price.

To rent a car in Phuket you will need:

  • international driver’s license;
  • the passport with which you entered the country;
  • bank card.

The main feature of traffic rules in Thailand is driving on the left. In general, it is not difficult to get used to it. The main thing is to be careful when turning and take your time. It usually takes several hours to adapt.

If this is your first time driving a right-hand drive car, we recommend renting a car with an automatic transmission.

In Thailand parking is strictly monitored, so it is better not to leave your vehicle in the wrong places.

No Parking:

  • along the border with red and white markings;
  • along the border with yellow-white markings.

Stopping is prohibited on yellow crossed out squares.

It depends on the technical features of the vehicle.

You need to know that gasoline and diesel are available at gas stations in Thailand. There is also “gasohol” — gasoline diluted with gas. It is 15% cheaper than “normal” gasoline, but the distance you can travel with it is less.

Some tourists in Thailand save money by refueling their rental car not at gas stations, but in small private shops where locals happily sell gasoline in plastic bottles. Such gasoline is cheaper, but the quality leaves much to be desired.

When applying for the services of luxury car rental in Phuket, remember to follow the traffic rules. In Thailand they are very strict about traffic violations. Moreover, fines and punishments may well vary depending on the specific violation.

  • Driving without a license. In case of driving without a license, the official fine is 200 baht; for tourists, this fine can range from 500 to 1,000 baht.
  • Drunk driving. It is taken very seriously in Thailand. The fine for a first offense can range from 5,000 to 20,000 baht, with a possible prison sentence of up to one year.
  • Speeding. Speeding in Thailand carries a fine of up to 4,000 baht. The same fine is also provided for running a red light or failing to stop at a pedestrian crossing.